About Us

Lets keep it real..

Taking it back to 2015, starting off as a 2 man band, we created an online fashion store previously known as Lucy’s Boutique. Establishing a well known brand and store it helped us learn a lot about the ins and outs of the Fashion industry. Creating a brand we found it was not easy but within the time we have grown a lot, and are very lucky to now have a large customer base, which has helped us develop our brand even more over the years, through working on our strengths and weaknesses. As well as our amazing team that started from 2, but has now grown to 10!

We are super proud of how of far we have come, since starting off as a small shop to an international clothing site!

We have found that this industry is constantly changing and developing with so many ventures to explore, and we want our customers to grow with us as they have for many years and hear what they have to say! Therefore we are very excited to announce our new Re-brand! 

Launching in 2020 WearWhatSheWore.com is your go to multi brand fashion destination. It meets the needs of girls and women all over the world who are inspired by other women, family members, friends, influencers and celebrities.

WearWhatSheWore believe women empower women.

As a multi brand name, WWSW is super relatable and is here to inspire each other in the fashion world and in everyones lifestyle.

WearWhatSheWore is not just about women following others, it’s about women wanting to find their own style and to create the idea of inspiring others through their Fashion, style and lifestyle.

As a fashion platform we showcase multiple independent brands as well as exclusive WWSW brands, designed in house by our team and together with our inspirational customer following.

Our mission is to encourage and deliver a very important message of support to our customers.


Love WWSW Team x