5 top tips on how not to be scammed online!

5 top tips on how not to be scammed online!

So girls gather round… We have heard some outrageous stories on how you can easily get scammed when purchasing online! With this day and age you think you know what your are doing when online shipping but and they are always one step ahead so you have to be extra careful when going to online websites you do not know. Especially with social media being a massive influence, its more likely for you to get pulled in just by a really cute instagram page  (we’ve all done this) 

We have come up with a Guide on how to avoid this 

Top Tips

1. When coming across a new Instagram page and you are thinking of buying from their website, make sure to always read the comments under their posts! Most of the time you don't bother looking but if you start to read, It will unveil that other people have had an issue and they will give you a heads up that its a scam or not a trustworthy site.


2. Check how long they have been posting on Instagram for. What we don't think of is how long a clothing ‘company’ has been running for! If they have legit following/feedback then its probably fine, If they have not being posting for longer than a year it could be scam to make you BUY.


3. Only buy from secured sites! No matter how secure a site may be, it's important to realise that putting credit card information on the internet is inherently risky. Make sure that the website you are shopping on has all the signs of being legitimate. The easiest is to check if the URL begins with an “https” because that means the website is a secured one.


4. Read the small print. Again with scammers they can con you even before you buy, they sell you the dream and then even if the item does arrive you may not even be able to return it!


5. If you do not trust a website do not RISK it! Make sure you find all information about where the company is based and how long the shipping time takes. 


Girls! You do not want this happening to you.. It may seem like a gorgeous polka dot maxi in the picture but its definitely not what you receive in the post 

This was purchased from - https://www.bellalike.com 



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Name and shame any sites you know are a SCAM.

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