Fourteen Nearly Nude Celebrity Red Carpet Moments

On May 24, 2011 by Violet

When a celebrity appears nearly nude on the Red Carpet she is guaranteed to makes headlines. The fourteen celebrities listed here made the Nearly Nude Celebrity Red Carpet Moments list for baring more, wearing less, and causing a commotion. You might not wear what she wore, but these shocking Red Carpet moments are sure to entertain.

What compels a celebrity to wear a sheer revealing dress to highly publicized events? For some, like Cher, it is part of their image. Cher partnered with designer Bob Mackie for years and the public grew to expect to see her in outrageous clothes. Exhibitionism and a need for attention and publicity drive celebrities to reveal their assets at award shows. For both Rose McGowan and Elizabeth Hurley one perfectly timed titillating Red Carpet appearance skyrocket their popularity and could be thought of as as a brilliant career move. Neither Rose nor Elizabeth has made half naked Red Carpet appearances a habit.

No matter what the underlying reason, celebrities will continue to fascinate the public with what they dare to wear and what they dare not to wear.

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